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online shoppingAs a follow up to yesterday’s blog post, have revealed some new statistics about online shopping and consumer habits. A July 2011 survey[1] by (price comparison website) found that 91% of respondents chose to shop online, giving their top reasons as: better prices (80%), better choice (41%) and no queues (40%). A paltry 3% claimed the high street was preferable as a shopping environment.

That is probably predictable, given internet developments and smartphone growth coupled with the availability now of almost any service or product online. Figures from the British Retail Consortium[2] support the findings: June 2011, high street spending fell 0.6% from the same period in 2010.

The really interesting thing to wonder is: what is future of the high streets and shopping malls of Britain? What of the transport infrastructure, direct and indirect dependent jobs, taxes payable to local government for community spending, social intercourse and health benefits of actually walking to buy?

Of course there are jobs, taxes, social gains in selling online and delivering to doorsteps. But is there a balance? When fresh food is sold online as a matter of course, the tipping point will have been reached.

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