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no_emailSo, serial-blogger MG Siegler at TechCrunch has decided to “Quit E-mail“. Well, he’s not quite quitting e-mail, more suspending it for the next month. He has pledged for the next month not to (manually) respond to any e-mails that come his way. They will instead be responded to in the form of an auto-response, which we all love.

Of course, the results of this ‘experiment’, if you like, are still to be seen. As is whether or not MG Siegler can actually go a month without e-mail. One tweeter has already made the prediction that the end result will be “One thousand four hundred and twenty three” unread mail; or in layman’s terms, nothing particularly interesting other than a huge backlog.

It is, however, a novel idea and raises an interesting question, could we go without e-mail? Well, I suppose a more poignant question would be could those in the I.T. industry go without e-mail?

Being the latter, and dealing with e-mail enquires from customers everyday, I’d have to say no, probably not. Not now, anyway. E-mail is too much a center-part of how we communicate and interact with our customers to be stripped.

Even if we were to state that customers could contact us instead through Facebook or Twitter, it still wouldn’t be as accessible or as efficient as with e-mail. Why? Because not everyone has Facebook or Twitter, whereas nearly everyone who has a PC has access to email somewhere, somehow.

So what do you think? Could you live without e-mail for a month, or longer?