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Many Minds Make Light Work of Challenges

Following on from our previous posting about the growth of crowd-sourcing in business, politics, advertising and engineering (the harnessing of the wisdom of many minds applied to challenges), a site in India has just put the idea into perspective.

One Billion Minds has nothing but truly global aspirations.

Described as the world’s largest platform for ‘problems worth solving’, it has opened for people, anybody, the whole crowd to join.

The crowd is invited to launch a challenge: for anybody grappling with a problem in science, technology, design, business or social innovation, they just have to pose it. Responders will reply directly to the inbox of the people posing questions. Why will people give their solutions away? ‘To earn professional recognition, get support for their ideas and the opportunity to connect’.

Those who like wrestling with problems are encouraged to join this global community of passionate innovators. “Every challenge is an opportunity to connect directly with a company, non-profit or individual searching for talented minds and breakthrough ideas’.

In summary – solve a challenge, launch a challenge or discover an innovator. Or all three.

Site and concept founder Sanjukt Saha told HSBC’s 100 Lending Ideas, October 2011: ‘early-stage innovators don’t need financing, they need a first client’. His platform aims to hook up entrepreneurs with clients for mutual advantage.

A great idea, simple but potentially effective. It’s genuine people-power brought into reality by the web.

One Billion Minds.
Crowd-Sourcing Is Now the Business.